Lucas Krech is a visual artist based in New York City. His work can be seen on stages and in galleries across the US. His photographic work consists of portraiture and urban landscape photography. He began shooting black and white film in 1998 and since his conversion to digital in 2013 has been pursuing a visual style that incorporates the graphic qualities of black and white films with the flexibility and range available in digital mediums.

With a love of cross-genre interdisciplinary work, his portraiture explores myriad styles rooted in traditional analog film technologies and branches out into the contemporary digital realm. His portrait series of artists in their studios has garnered attention and accolades.

A love of people and interpersonal connection led to the shooting of head shots for your business, artistic, and personal needs. The work is individually crafted and strives to exhibit the individual in their best light. As a lighting artist of more than 10 years the light for each session is carefully crafted to tell the story of the client and make them shine. You are writing the story of your life, let me help you light the lead actor.

To inquire about booking a session please contact Lucas.